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Brigham Young University, Provo, UTAH (USA),

23 - 27 June 2008


Daniel W. Graham



Daniel W. Graham—
"Presocratic Astronomy and Ionian Science"

The Milesians

Apostolos Pierris—
"The Logical Order of Presocratic Chronology"


Serge Mouraviev—
"A New Look at Thales"

Livio Rossetti—
"Talete, Anassimandro, e gli architetti"

Andreas Schwab—
"Between Reception and Construction:
A New Examination of Some Old Testimonies
of Thales of Miletus"


Francesc Casadesús—
"Why Was a Delian Diver Required to Understand Heraclitus? D.L. 2.22 and 9.12"

Lucia Saudelli—
"I ‘cadaveri’ di Eraclito (fr. 96 Dk) e
la polemica pagana di Simplicio"


Carl Huffman—
"Did Pythagoras Develop an Ionian Style Cosmology?"

Richard McKirahan—
"The Metaphysics of Philolaus"

Gabriele Cornelli—
"Philolaus’ Epistemology:
"The Method of Archai Between Ionian and
Eleatic Philosophy"

Keynote address

David Runia—
"Aëtiana: Observations on the Use of the Diaeresis
in the Placita"

The Sophists

Maria Cecília Coelho de Miranda M. N.—
"Gorgias’ On Not-Being: Rhetoric and Logic"

Marco Antonio Santamaria—
"Alternative Wisdom for a Polis in Crisis:
Sophists and Orphics in the Athens of Socrates"

Symposium on Alexander P. D. Mourelatos—
The Route of Parmenides, 2nd edition

*Chair: Michael Shaw

Presenter: Emese Mogyorodi
Commentators: Richard McKirahan, Patricia Curd
Response: Alexander Mourelatos


Patricia Curd—
"Parmenides on Thought"

Herbert Granger—
"Parmenides on Being and Thought"

Parmenides on Doxa

Alberto Bernabé—
"Uses of Negative Adjectives by Presocratic Philosophers"

Scott Austin—
"Is There Appearance?
The Problem of Parmenidean Doxa"

Nestor-Luís Cordero—
"Deconstruction of Parmenidean Doxa"

Beatriz Bossi—
"On the Epistemological Interpretation 
of Parmenides DK B16"

Presentation on multi-spectral imaging and
Herculaneum Papyri

Apostolos Pierris—
"Heraclitus and the Derveni Papyrus:
Column iv Reconstituted on the Evidence
of Multispectral Imaging"

Philosophical Developments

Omar Álvarez—
"Anonymous’ Mocker of Parmenides and
Zeno’s Eleatic Orthodoxy"

Aryeh Finkelberg—
"Milesian Ideas of God, Soul, and the World"

The Pluralists

John E. Sisko—
"On the Question of Homeomerity 
in Anaxagorean Physics"

Simon Trépanier—
"Empedocles and His Demons"

Miriam Peixoto—
"Sur le concevoir et le percevoir:
à propos de fragment 68 A 105 DK"

T. M. Robinson—
"Parmenides, Diogenes of Apollonia, and their Successors on Cognitive Achievement"

First Biennial Conference

IAPS International Association for Presocratic Studies Conference:

Ionian Philosophy and Science 

Symposium on Alexander P. D. Mourelatos, The Route of Parmenides, 2nd edition

International Association for Presocratic Studies


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