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Second Conference

University of Edinburgh   (Scotland)

28 - 31 July 2010​

The second IAPS conference is taking place at the University of Edinburgh and is held in conjunction with the Celtic Conference in Classics. The HYELE Institute is co-sponsoring a Bookstore event in celebration of a new edition of A. H. Coxon's The Fragments of Parmenides (Las Vegas: Parmenides Publishing, 2009), as well as a conference Dinner in honor of A. H. Coxon, on Thursday, 29th July 2010.



Simon Trépanier


Daniel Graham—
“Anaxagoras and the Comet”


40 minute papers:

N. Cordero—
“Gianfrancesco d'Asola, the 'creator' of Parmenides' third way”

Andrew Gregory—
“On Regimen I/10-12: A Hippocratic cosmological passage”

Edward Hussey—
“Aristotle on the Presocratics’ misunderstandings of nature”

James Lesher—
“Plato’s Views on Xenophanes”

Laura Gemelli Marciano—
“Phren, Demon, and Empedocles' Teaching”

Richard McKirahan— 
“Philolaus' extension of the concept of number”

Emese Mogyorodi—
“Revelation and Reason in Parmenides”

John Palmer—
“On the varieties of necessity in Presocratic philosophy”

Miriam Peixoto—
“L'homme démocritéen: esquisses d'une anthropologie”

20 minute papers:

Anna Aravantinou—
“Elements and (Physical) Contraries in the Early Milesians and Anaxagoras”

Scott Austin—
“Heraclitus, Parmenides, and the Unity of All Things”

Ran Baratz—
“Parmenides on Human Error”

Alberto Bernabé—
“Naming the form among the Presocratics (idea, eidos, morphe, schema)”

Beatriz Bossi—
“Heraclitus and the Derveni Papyrus”

Francesc Casadesús—
“Why did Heraclitus consider Dionysus and Hades to be the same?”

Sylvana Chrysakopoulou—
“Doxography and Plato’s Debt to Earlier Thinkers”

Matthew Cosgrove—
“What are ‘True’ doxai worth to Parmenides?”

Aryeh Finkelberg—
“Aristotle on the identity of knowledge and sensation in the Presocratics”

Enrique Hülsz—
“Heraclitus, Plato and the philosophic dogs”

Claire Louguet—
“Sur les fragments 6 et 7 de Parménide”

Constantin Macris—
“The mysterious Petron of Himera and his mathematically constructed multiverse”

Nie Minli—
“A Notable Passage in Plato’s Theaetetus 152D-E Concerning Our Understanding of Thales’ Thought”

Marcus Mota—
“Performative and antiperformative arguments in Heraclitus”

Serge Mouravieff—
“Stoicheion : Platon, Empédocle ou Héraclite ?”

Mourelatos, Alex—
“The light of day by night (nukti phaos): the Moon in Parmenides B14”

Marco Antonio Santamaría—
“Ananke in Parmenides, Empedocles, and the Orphic Theogonies”

Andreas Schwab—
“Thales and the Aristotelian Commentators”

Lucia Saudelli—
“Heraclitus’ River-Fragments”

Anne Gabrielle Wersinger—
“Empedocles: Nestis-Persephone and the Charites”

Rosemary Wright—
“Ethics in an atomic theory”

Robert Zaborowski—
“Courage in the presocratics' fragments”

International Association for Presocratic Studies


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