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Sixth Biennial Conference
25-29 June 2018, Delphi, Greece

European Cultural Centre of Delphi

Chair of Organizing Committee: Richard McKirahan

The Sixth Biennial Conférence of the International Association for Presocratic Studies (IAPS, founded in 2008) was held  at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece 25-29 June 2018.


Monday 25 june 2018


Plenary #1

[to be announced]

Kalligas, Pavlos

Thinking Subject and Object Thought: Presocratic contributions to Aristotle’s theology

Wright, Rosemary

Think with All Your Limbs’ (DK 31B3): Body Physiology and Theories of Cognition in Early Greek Philosophy

Zatta, Claudia


Discussion section #1

Balla, Chloe: Correctness of gender in sophistic thought and its philosophical implications

Bergamo, Max: Is There a World Soul in Heraclitus?

Callejas, Guillermo: Temporality and spatiality in the harmonic composition of the cosmos in Philolaus’s fragments” 

Costa, Alexandre: On the mutual incompatibility between being (eínai) and coming-to-be (gígnesthai) in the Poem of Parmenides

Gheerbrant, Xavier: Poetry and Philosophy in Empedocles

Guidara, Giulia: Anaxagoras and his ὁμοῦ πάντα in +

Johns, Jeff: Empedocles, Anaxagoras, and the cosmogony of the Timaeus

Mogyorodi, Emese: Philosophy as a Way of Life and the Presocratics

Parker, Luke: φάτις αὐτοῖσιν μαρτυρεῖ: Bearing witness in Heraclitus

Rudolph, K.C.: Democritus’ Tactile Qualities

Sideras, Christos: The apeiron of Anaximander and psychoanalysis.

Tor, Shaul (Sol): Xenophanes’ rejection of theogony


Monday 25 june 2018


Plenary # 2

Anaxagoras, The Milky Way and the Moon

Couprie, Dirk

Multitude and Heterogeneity: A New Reconstruction of Anaxagoras’ Cosmology

Scepanovic, Sandra et al

Nutrition in Anaxagoras

Sider, David


Discussion section #2

Afonasina, Anna: Empedocles on breathing 

Augustin, Michael: ΕΚΘΛΙΨΙΣ, Like to Like, and Weight in Leucippus and Democritus

Boschi, Alessandro: Presocratic thought in the plays attributed to Critias

Casadesus, Francesc: Pitágoras o Heráclito: ¿quién fue el genuino intérprete de Apolo y el oráculo de Delfos?

Culbreth, Andrew: Heraclitus’ Concept of Elpis

DeLong, Jeremy: The “Knowing Lights” of Parmenides’ 1.3

Fazzo, Silvia: Diogenes of Apollonia: toward a fuller reappraisal of his physical and philosophical doctrine

Herner, Máté: βιός and other life-concepts in Empedocles’ physical theory

Lemnaru-Carrez, Andreea-Maria: From fire to the union of opposities in Iamblichus : a heraclitean heritage?

Mourtzilas, Dimitrios: Equality of Possessions in Phaleas' Constitutional Blueprint

Sanchez-Castro, Liliana: The Aristotelian Reception of Heraclitus’ Conception of the Soul

Thom, Johan: The Reception of the Pythagorean Akousmatain Late Antiquity

Vassallo, Christian: Another Approach to Xenophanes’ Thought in the Light of the New Edition Strobel-Wöhrle


Tuesday 26 june 2018


Plenary # 3

Notes to Derveni Papyrus col. XXI

Bernabe, Alberto

The Presocratic author of the Derveni papyrusnew evidence from new images

Janko, Richard

Reflections on time on the horizon of human experience. A reading of the Anonymous Iamblichi

Peixoto, Miriam


Discussion section #3

Al-Maini, Doug: The Role of Chance in Empedocles’ Philosophy

Clark, Alex: Xenophanes’ Three-Pronged Attack Against Polytheism and the Imagination

de Paz, Pablo: Universal Soul in Pythagorean sources

Fortes, Fabio: Ancient thinkers to describe the art of logos in Plato’s Phaedrus

Galgano, Nicola: From Parmenides’ to mē eon to Melissus’ to mēden

Gamarra, Gonzalo: Plato’s Heraclitus and Heracleiteanism

Lithari, Argyro: Empedocles’ reception in Simplicius

Müller, Robert: Motion as a principle? – Traces of an intellectual discourse in ancient Greece

Piergiacomi, Enrico: The Soul on Trial. Analysis of a Democritean Allegory

Shaw, Michael: Rhizomatic Motion in Empedocles

Silva, Martim: Heraclitus' puzzle 

Viltanioti, Eirini: Philolaus B 13 DK: From Presocratic Physiology to Platonic Psychology, and Beyon


Tuesday 26 june 2018


Plenary # 4

How Preplatonic worlds became ensouled

Laks, Andre

Algunos antecedentes «presocráticos» en torno a la discusión sobre la sede hegemónica del alma: encefalocentrismo vs cardiocentrismo

Machin, Deyvis

Philoponus on Body and Soul in the Presocratics

Militello, Chiara


Discussion section #4

Andolfi, Ilaria: Empedocles “Arbiter Symposii”? Reassessing an Ancient Anecdote

Babich, Babette: Nietzsche’s Pre-Platonic Philosophers in the ‘Tragic Age of the Greeks’

Cross, Nicholas: Bias of Priene: The Sage as Practitioner of International Relations

Deretic, Irena / Visnja Knezevic: The Decade: Pythagoreans, Greek Mathematics and Plato

Gili, Luca: Tensing the Copula in Parmenides, DK B8

Harriman, Benjamin: Heraclitus, Stoicism, and Natural Philosophy 

Nakayama, Patricia: The Reception of Antiphon’s Antilogy by Thomas Hobbes

Nemeth, Attila: Democritus' Theory of Colours and Colour Perception

Oki, Takashi: Aristotle on Zeno ’s Arrow

Spangenberg, Pilar: Sensibilidad y discurso en Gorgias

Szaif, Jan: Logos, Cosmos, and Measure in Heraclitus and Plato’s Philebus

Volf, Marina: Double tale: Empedocles arguments for plurality (B 17 DK)


Wednesday 27 june 2018


Plenary # 5

La cosmogonía hesiódica y sus relaciones con la especulación de Anaximandro. 

Deconstruyendo las fronteras entre Mito y Filosofía

Colombani, Cecilia

Early Atomism and Mechanism

Gregory, Andrew

Thales and the Beginning of Greek Philosophy

Most, Glenn


Discussion section #5

Bremond, Mathilde: Melissus, Gorgias and Plato in the first hypothesis of the Parmenides

Bryan, Jenny: Empedoclean Knowledge

Davies, Tom: Homer the Presocratic

Di Lorenzo, Carmen: Filolao fonte del Filebo di Platone?

Freter, Björn: Mechanical Existentialism. Democritus and the Ought

Hladký, Vojtěch: Heraclitus in the Derveni Papyrus

Kaleri, Ekaterini: Momente einer internen Dynamik des “εόν” in Parmenides’ Gedicht

Kurfess, Topher: Hippias’ Collection in Clement’s Stromateis: DK 86 B 6 in Context

Panchenko, Dmitri: The extension of geographic horizons of the Greeks and its impact upon the Presocratic cosmology

Santoro, Alessio: A torture murder. Plato's attack on Parmenides in the Sophist

Vieira, Celso: Relativism, Partialism and the Divine in Heraclitus

Wash, Leon: Φύσις and Death in Empedocles


Wednesday 27 june 2018


Excursion or Plenary # 6

Pourquoi Sextus Empiricus cite le fragment 7.2 sq. (D-K) immédiatement après le vers 30 du fragment 1 (D-K) de Parménide?

Cordero, Nestor

Parmenides and Empedocles on krasis and knowledge

Sassi, Michela

Of Heavenly Bondage: Parmenides and the Language of Necessity

White, Stephen


Discussion section #6

Bourbon, Marion: L’émergence de la conception organique du corps entre pensées présocratique, médicale et stoïcienne

Casella, Federico: Description and Normativity in Hesiod’s and Empedocles’ Poems: from Cosmic Order to Human Order

Cecilio, Guilherme: The purpose of Aristotle’s Metaphysics I, 3-10

Gomes, Gustavo: Ρυσμός between atoms and compounds: configuration and shape

Kocanderle, Radim: Characteristic Aspects of Anaximenes’ Cosmology

Kouloumentas, Stavros: Alcmaeon and Pythagoras in the Metaphysics A'

Neels, Rich: Heraclitus on Perspective

Padilla, Teresa: The Topological principles of Parmenides’ Metaphysics

Pinel Martinez, Pablo: Atheism as a cliche. A new interpretation for the Sisyphus fragm

Pulpito, Massimo: A pained cosmos. Melissus, Parmenides, and suffering

Schwab, Andreas: Josephus and Plutarch on Early Greek Wisdom and Philosophy

Skarsouli, Pinelopi: How to edit the Presocratic philosophers? About some recent publications. How to place these collections in a database?


Thursday 28 June 2018


Plenary #6 or Plenary #7

Doxa e apate nel poema di Parmenide

Ferro, Francisco

Anaxagoras and the Stoics on infinite mixtures

Mace, Arnaut

Do we understand Zeno’s Paradoxes until we try to Solve (and/or Dissolve) them?

Rossetti, Livio


Discussion section #7

Berruecos, Bernardo: Forms of Poetic Dislocation in Parmenides’ Poem: Enjambment, Tmesis, and Hypallage

Chaturvedi, Aditi: Empedoclean harmonia

Cornelli, Gabriele: Was Democritus a Pythagorean?

de Campos, Rogério: Epimenides of Crete, the soothsayer of the past - possibles links with Phaidros 244d-245a

Garin, Marianne: Langue éclose, langue enclose. Forme et Nature de la Philosophie du Langage chez les Présocratiques

Krzanowski, Roman: Did Heraclitus Know about Information?

Macris, Constantinos: Timaeus of Locri, Pythagorean and Presocratic: Old questions, and neglected evidence on his historical existence

Mann, Joel: A discourse on method: the skepticism of περὶ φύσιος ἀνθρώπου

Mourelatos, Alex: Xenophanes on Solar Eclipses (DK A41= Laks-Most D34)

Tegos, Michail: The Battle between Gods and Giants – Plato between Parmenides and Heraclitus

Torrente, Luca: Knowledge in Parmenides: a Theophrastean Interpretation of Fragment 16 DK

Tsouni, Georgia: Early Greek Philosophers as Proponents of the Theoretical Life


Thursday 28 June 2018


Excursion ou Plenary #7


Friday 29 June 2018


Plenary #8

Heraclitus B1 DK: The Accurate Rendering of the Greek and its Interpretive Implications

Finkelberg, Aryeh

Between Ephesus and Delphi: Was Heraclitus a Prophet? Towards a  new Look at his cosmic Pantheon

Mouraviev, Serge

The Celestial Afterlife in Early Greek Philosophy

Trepanier, Simon


Discussion section #8

Bouchard, Elsa: Etymology and religious revisionism in Pherecydes of Syros

Castelnérac, Benoît: A New Interpretation of Parmenides’ Two Routes of Inquiry (DK28B2) 

Chrysakopoulou, Sylvana: Beauty and the Beast: Aphrodite and the androgynous Eros in Empedocles and Plato

Doyle, Charles: Presocratic Philosophy and Christian Heresy in Irenaeus and Tertullian

Giombini, Stefania: L’argomentazione dimostrativa nel Peri tou mē ontos di Gorgia tra Sesto Empirico e l’Anonimo del MXG

Heinemann, Gottfried: Mortal and Immortal Natures in Democritus (fr. 267) and Euripides (fr. 910)

Leyh, Tony: On the Presocratic Origins of Homonoia

Lopes, Mateus: Heraclitus, thinker of polarity

Miszczynski, Damian: Plutarch’s usage of Empedoclean and Pythagorean thought to defend vegetarianism

Panagiotarakou, Eleni: Thales of Miletus, NASA and the Pressure to Justify Astronomy

Vazquez Hernandez, Daniel: Plato’s Phaedo 99b2-c6 is a reference to Archelaus and Diogenes of Apollonia via Aristophanes’ Clouds

Zaborowski, Robert: The notion of depth in the Presocratics

McKirahan, Richard: The Trajectory of Early Greek Philosophy: From Hesiod to Aristotle


Friday 29 June 2018


Plenary #9

In Search of a “Theory of Everything”: Presocratics vs. Modern Physics

Nicolaides, Demetris

Limiter, Unlimited and Unity: a new comparison between the Derveni Author’s and Philolaus’ cosmogony

Piano, Valeria

Early Greek Science from a Sociological Perspective

Zhmud, Leonid


Discussion section #9

Afonasin, Eugene: Some observations on the history of ancient hydrology

Alvarez, Omar: From Pythagoras to the Pythagoreans: the rise of a doxographical category

Begley, Keith: A computational investigation into the palindromic patterns in Heraclitus

Chouinard, Isabelle: Perdre des atomes : la vieillesse selon Démocrite

Conte, Bruno: Doxa and Diakosmêsis in Parmenides’ Poem

Ferella, Chiara: The Byzantine Scholia to Aristotle and Empedocles’ Cosmic Cycle

Godin-Tremblay, Laurence: Réfutation dialectique des Éléates (Aristote, Phys. I, 2-3)

Ioannidis, Iraklis: Characterizing Heraclitus’ logos without the aid of Traditional Metaphysics: Logos as ἀπόφα(ν)σις

Pello', Caterina: The Lives of Pythagoras: A Proposal for Reading Pythagorean Metempsychosis’

Reboredo Lemos, Luan: Notions of Time in Anaximander’s Cosmology

Santoro, Fernando: Xenophanes' Carnival

Sørensen, Anders: The Anonymus Iamblichi as a social critic in democratic Athens

International Association for Presocratic Studies


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