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7th Conference of International Association for Presocratic Studies
Delphi, 27 June - 1st July 2022

Third Anouncement
New deadline !

Call for Abstracts and Other Information


Submission of proposals/abstracts. 


Two-page proposals for papers, in the form of abstracts (maximum 300 words) should be sent in pdf format to Prof. Richard McKirahan: 


The title line of the message should be “IAPS 7 Proposal”


The first page of the proposal should be a cover page containing the following information:


Author’s name (as you would like it to appear in the program)

Author’s institution

Author’s title or position (e.g., Graduate Student, Independent Scholar, Associate


Author’s Country/Countries (location of residence, work, self-identification) Title of


Author’s e-mail address


The second page should contain the abstract.


To ensure anonymity in the refereeing process, do not put your name on this page.


Authors of proposals are asked to observe two deadlines:


(i) submission of abstracts - NEW DEADLINE: 15 March 2022; 

(ii) submission of full copy of paper (after acceptance of proposal), 30 May 2022.


Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a program committee appointed by the Council of IAPS. The decision of the program committee will be communicated via e-mail to authors of abstracts not later than 1 April 2022. 


Authors whose proposals have been accepted will receive an official invitation to present a paper at the conference.


• Papers may be written in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Greek.

• For papers written in languages other than English, it is recommended that a full English version be prepared by the author in time for distribution to the audience at the conference.

• If the paper contains untransliterated Greek, a Unicode font should be used.

• Maximum length of the full copy of the paper is 3,000 words, exclusive of footnotes and bibliography.


Membership in IAPS


Not required as a condition for submitting a proposal.

IAPS has no membership dues.

Scholars who wish to be enrolled as members of IAPS (which is simply a matter of being put on our mailing list) should contact me at the following address: 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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International Association for Presocratic Studies


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